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    All in all I thought the Daytona 500 had everything we needed.  A new record was put into place with Danica Patrick leading a competitive lap.  Major wrecks and saves from all three NASCAR leagues.  One thing I wish we didn’t have were 24 people getting injured when debris from a wreck went into the stands on Saturday’s Nationwide series race.  I have been to several races in my day.  Many times I go with family and friends.  I can’t imagine going to an awesome event such as the Daytona 500 and having a loved one get crushed by a flying tire, or burned by scolding hot debris.  NASCAR needs to take immediate action in making sure everyone is safe.  Somehow Kyle Larson escaped this wreck without any major injuries.  The fans weren’t as lucky!  Two people were in critical condition but since have been stabilized.   NASCAR was trying to get the video of the wreck removed from the internet so I won’t post it here out of respect for their wishes.  If you want you can hit up YouTube and watch it, in case you somehow haven’t witnessed that insane crash!  On to Phoenix!!