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Jonathan Steele

Monday – Friday



Yo!! I’m Jonathan Steele. I originally hail from Columbus, OH. Born and raised a Cleveland Browns fan. It’s a sad life.


I played radio in Ohio from 2012-2016 before I moved to Peoria, IL and then after my stop in Peoria, here I am in the North Country! I’m used to snow… not this kind of snow. GEEZ! IT WON’T STOP COMING DOWN!


I listen to all kinds of music… from country (of course) to top 40 to hip-hop. I’m a DJ in my spare time so that’s where my versatility comes from. My favorite artists range from Keith Urban to Eminem. Prepare for a WILD time (no pun intended) if you go on a roadtrip with me!


Love beer… love food… love football… and I LOVE YOU for listening to my show. You can join me 3-7pm M-F. Email me at



10 am – 3 pm Monday- Friday

Hi! I’m Heidi West and growing up in the eighties in my hometown of Sturbridge, MA my family was blessed with a state of the art stereo system. It had a turntable, eight-track player and a microphone. In the summertime we hosted bbq’s for our friends and neighbors. My father was always the DJ and he spun the hits from 70’s and 80’s. Artists like Billy Joel, Janet Jackson, Styx, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna and more. I just loved when he got on the microphone and pumped up everyone! Back then little did I know that my dad was actually inspiring my passion to be a DJ on the radio.

At the young age of 12, I actually felt like I was on the air, when I took my dad’s tape recorder and made mock commercials. For fun I would read the advertisements from my mom’s magazines and play them to my family and friends. In time with babysitting money I purchased a double deck cassette boom box and would record my very own radio shows too!

I LOVE watching TV. Right now I’m really into- Arrow! Nothing wrong with a man running around in a costume and catching the bad guys with arrows. Other shows include: Parenthood, The Blacklist, Forever, Modern Family, The 100, Nashville, The Resurrection, Revenge, Law & Order SVU and How To Get Away With Murder.

I’m an animal lover and have always helped out at animal shelters to get animals adopted. I have two awesome cats. They like to fake fight around me for attention, but then I always find them sleeping together like the best buddies they both truly are. You will hear me talk about them from time to time.

I’m all about family and spending time with them. This Quote reminds me of mine: “Family- We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.” Lastly, I’m recently married and couldn’t be happier!

So grab onto to something because this is going to be a fun ride!!!!

Burrito Bob



Hey, It’s Burrito Bob.  So I was asked by…well…no one really, I just thought it would look cool, to tell you all a little about myself.  I was born and raised on the outskirts of a small town in St. Lawrence County.  Growing up on the family farm I would spend countless hours listening to the radio.  I mostly listened to what was at the time Top 40 (now 80’s music), and telling myself I wanted to be one of those people talking on the radio.  As a matter of fact I used to ‘practice being one of those radio people’…AKA talking to myself.

After high school, I went to SUNY Potsdam where I starting working at the college radio station in all my spare time from my studies in Communications.  Once I received my degree I started working for a small station in Canton NY.  Within a few months I got a job in Malone with what was at the time Hot Country 965.  I’ve been working here on and off since 1999, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my kids doing a variety of activities.  I also enjoy TV like The Walking Dead, Bones, Arrow, The Flash, @ Midnight, SVU, Supergirl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Castle, Undateable, The Muppets, New Girl, Gotham, Heroes Reborn, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, Will & Grace, Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, and more.  I’m also into Star Wars, Star Trek, and countless movies; among them The Cutting Edge, Better Off Dead, Imagine Me & You, and Spaceballs.  I also have games for the PS3, Wii-U, and X-Box, as well as numerous books.


6 am – 10 am Monday – Friday

Hey, I’m TJ Cannon. I grew up in Montgomery County, PA – 20 miles from Philadelphia, which means I’m cursed to be a Philly sports fan for life.

I attended Penn State from 2011-2015 where I studied broadcast journalism and business. I was in the agricultural fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho and I played club baseball. I got my start on Penn State’s FM station during my freshman year, where I hosted a public affairs talk show until I graduated.  Between semesters at college, I’ve had internships with SiriusXM in New York City and CONAN in Los Angeles. I’ve learned a lot about the entertainment industry in a short amount of time.

I love all kinds of music – folk, rock, alternative, hip hop, etc. But country music has a very unique place in my life. If I could sum it up – it’s the music that brings people together during summer barbecues (my absolute favorite thing). Country music and culture go together like macaroni and cheese. I recently toured the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

I’m looking forward to what the future has in store for me here in the North Country. In my free time, I’m big on snowboarding and golf. I love beer, food, and friendly gatherings where I can enjoy both.

Whitney Allen

Whitney Allen 7pm – 12am (Monday – Friday)


Whitney Allen is one of only three known people living in Los Angeles who was actually BORN here. Whitney knew she wanted to be in radio when she was 5 years old, that dream was almost sidetracked by a longing to pursue veterinary medicine but she discovered that the whole “math, biology thing was not in my genetic make-up–but talking was”.


On a trip to Eureka, California she heard a woman on the radio who “sounded like she wanted to steal my boyfriend, it was uncomfortable for me to listen to. I knew I wanted to be on the radio, but knew I did not want to sound at all like that!”


Whitney ended up getting that very air shift at KATA and stayed in Eureka for 2 years, “’til the rain got to me”. Then it was off to San Diego California where she worked at Top 40 KS-103, Country’s Q105 and held down the nights at the station that went from worst to first in less than three months, KKLQ, Q-106.


“Right after I bought a house in San Diego I got a call from the legendary Scott Shannon who was starting up Pirate Radio in Los Angeles”. He wanted Whitney to anchor the midday show. San Diego was a hard place to leave, but “Los Angeles was my hometown and I always wanted to make it there”. She did.


After Pirate Radio she was immediately hired to work at KIIS-FM in Los Angeles where she worked for over 3 years. “Just to be working at the same station as Rick Dees was amazing. Many mornings I actually got to work with him too…that’s a long way from Eureka!”


Another big name called Whitney up when she was working at KIIS. “Blair Garner and I worked together at KIIS, I did mid-days while Blair did afternoons. When he left to start After MidNite he wanted me to be a part of it, but I couldn’t leave KIIS right then. As soon as the gig ended Blair asked me to hold on for a couple of months and he would create a place for me.”


Whitney hosted the Nationally syndicated program “After MidNite Weekends with Whitney Allen”, which ran overnights on over 200 stations nationwide for 8 years. She was also Blair Garners exclusive fill in host for After MidNite.


Whitney is thrilled to headline her very own show. “but I couldn’t do this without a great team behind me, The Big Time Saturday Night is a dream come true”.


When not working she loves hiking, talking, napping, Mexico, Survivor and hanging out with her dogs Mattie and Flue, and her too many cats. Oh, and she promises she’ll never sound like a girl who wants to steal your boyfriend. She already has one of those. She hangs out with him a lot too.

Jim Ed Brown
Jim Ed Brown 6am – 8am


Over the past four decades, Jim Ed Brown has firmly established himself in the minds of Country Music Fans as a masterful presence in every aspect of the Country Music Industry Field. Born in 1934, the Native of Sparkman, Arkansas was one of five children (two boys and three girls) of a struggling lumberman and his wife. Some of his earliest memories are of close family times, when all of the members of the household would gather on Saturday nights to listen to the Grand Ole Opry on a battery powered radio. Jim Ed and his older sister, Maxine, were fascinated by what they heard and soon began harmonizing together. A few years later, Jim Ed and Maxine began to perform occasionally on the local radio shows.


By Jim Ed’s second year in college, he and Maxine were regular members of the ‘Barnyard Frolic’ on KRLA in Little Rock, and together, they penned what was to become their first hit record, ‘Looking Back To See’.


Released on a small label in 1954, ‘Looking Back To See’ provided the necessary momentum to bring the pair to national attention. They became members of the Louisiana Hayride, and went on to join Red Foley as featured regulars on the Ozark Jubilee in 1955.


Later that year, younger sister Bonnie joined them as ‘The Browns’, and they scored immediate top-10 hit, ‘Here Today and Gone Tomorrow.’ The group signed with RCA Victor in 1956, and two number-one releases followed in quick succession, ‘I Take the Chance’ and ‘I Heard the Bluebird Sing.’


Jim Ed’s career took a vastly different turn when he was called to a two year stint in the service. After his discharge, he rejoined his sisters to record the song which would leave the indelible mark on musical history, ‘The Three Bells.’


Released in 1959, ‘The Three Bells’ sold over a million copies and created a sensation as the first number one country song ever to cross over to number one on the pop and rhythm & blues charts as well. After a two year break, the Browns were not only back, but they were more in demand than ever. Other classic hits including, ‘The Old Lamplighter’ and ‘Scarlet Ribbons’ soon followed, and in 1962, the trio joined the Grand Ole Opry.


By the mid 1960’s, however, the rigors of combining busy careers with caring for their growing families brought both Bonnie and Maxine to the decision to permanently retire from the group. Jim Ed was left to carry on alone, and in 1966, he scored his first solo success with, ‘Pop-A-Top Again.’ Through the 60’s and 70’s, he continued to grow as a star in his own right with more hit singles including, ‘Southern Loving,’ ‘Sometime Sunshine,’ and memorable ‘Morning.’


A six-season run as co-host of the syndicated weekly television series, ‘Nashville On The Road’ began in 1975, further enhancing Jim Ed’s career and leading to his being selected as a national spokesperson for Dollar General Stores.


Then in 1976, he teamed up with Helen Cornelius to form one of the most successful recording duos of all time. With smash releases like, ‘Don’t Bother to Knock’ and ‘Saying Hello, Saying I Love You, Saying Goodbye.’ Jim Ed and Helen also set an industry record when ‘Lying in Love With You’ made the largest single Country chart leap in history, vaulting from 0 to 19.


In 1983, Jim Ed started working with TNN, the Nashville Network. ‘You Can Be A Star’ for six years, and he co-hosted a show with his wife, Becky, ‘Going Our Way.’  Beginning 2003 Jim Ed added another chapter to his entertainment repertoire when he began hosting the weekly Country Greats Music Radio Show.  As of 2009 the popular weekly show was being broadcast on nearly 200 stations nationwide. Jim Ed’s folksy storytelling and warm recollections of the stories behind the songs has helped make the show the fastest growing country music show in America.


Jim Ed still remains with the Grand Ole Opry where he is an audience favorite. Jim Ed still performs around 30 shows per year on the Opry, as well as performing a number of shows on the road. In addition to his radio and television commitments, Jim Ed continues to tour throughout the nation where he presents his down-to-earth brand of family entertainment to an ever growing legion of fans.

Racing Country
Racing Country 10am – noon (Sunday)


Racing Country now in its 21st year is a weekly two-hour music intensive variety show featuring insights and interviews from behind the scenes of NASCAR and Nashville. Co-Hosts Paul & Cathy are well known members of the media community: Paul Schadt – Charlotte’s top Country Morning Man and Cathy Martindale – award-winning Nashville anchor. Racing Country reaches millions of listeners weekly playing the best selection of country music and original interviews straight from the NASCAR Garage and the Nashville recording studios.
Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 Countdown

Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 Countdown 4pm – 8pm (Sunday)


Every time he gets in front of the microphone, Bob Kingsley adds to his status as the most listened-to radio voice in country music history. The Host and Executive Producer of Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40, far and away the most successful show of its kind, has been the king of the country countdown for three decades now, and to hear him tell it, the process retains every bit of its magic.  “I love the music and the people who make it,” he says, “and want our listeners to have as much insight into both as it’s possible to give them, and to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.”


Bob’s love for the genre, its people and its history has always been evident in that warm, rich voice, and the combination has given him both a vast and loyal audience and legendary status within the industry. He has twice been named the CMA’s National Broadcast Personality of the Year and his show received Billboard’s Network/Syndicated Program of the Year award no fewer than 16 times. Bob also received the ACM’s National Broadcast Personality of the Year Award in 2007, was voted National Air Personality of the Year in 2010 by Country Radio Broadcasters and Country Aircheck and, perhaps most tellingly, he was inducted in 1998 into the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame.